Engine Diagnostics

Thorough engine diagnostics in Burnley

If the check-engine light is flashing in your car, you can rely on our experienced mechanics at CK Motors Ltd to use top-of-the line computer software to diagnose the faults in your vehicle.

Cost-effective and efficient vehicle diagnostics

Whatever the make or the model of the vehicle, we can connect one of our diagnostic computers to it and find the problem. However, due to the nature of cars and their systems, one of the main skills is using the knowledge of the vehicle diagnostics computer and modern vehicle systems to correctly diagnose the fault. Contact our team of experts today for more details or for a free estimate. We offer our services to customers all over Burnley and Lancashire.
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vehicle diagnostics

Our thorough vehicle diagnostics:

  • Can identify reasons for fault lights
  • Can rectify the causes of engine misfiring and stalling
  • Can improve the engine efficiency and performance
  • May improve your overall fuel economy
In addition to our thorough vehicle diagnostics, we also supply and fit tyres for customers across Lancashire.
engine diagnostic

Complete engine diagnostics

With the help of our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to identify hidden faults in your vehicle and diagnose them effectively to avoid costly repairs in the future. To get a better idea of our high standard of work, contact us today to find out more information or to discuss your requirements.
For further enquiries, contact CK Motors Ltd on 01282 423 700 today.
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